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Medona Beauty ParlourIn Gurgaon Beauty Products

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    Added Sep 19, 2014

    The show essentially revolves around 5 women namely Fatima Bi, Laila, Shweta, Damini and Bunty. These women by the virtue of being distinct in their personality and the events that happen in their lives, their conflicts and revelations, represent the various forms of the young Indian woman in today’s day and age – their aspiration, goals and challenges. As opposed to other shows in its slot, Twinkle Beauty Parlor, Lajpat Nagar would be a breather for the audience as the treatment would be very fresh and light but the drama would be as gripping and thought provoking. The show is primarily set in a typical middle class beauty parlor, which is in the ‘D’ Block. It is located near the busy market place of Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. The feel is very earthy, very day-to-day and there is nothing cosmetic about the whole look…well… except for the cosmetics that are going to be used in the parlor, of course!

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