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S.R. Wheel Chair Manufacturer Business Notices

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Added Mar 21, 2018 Location gurgaon

Active Wheel Chair


With its maneuverability and different versions, our active wheelchairs are simply fun. Combined with their modern design, they correspond to your desire for activity and individuality.If you live a fast-paced lifestyle and you’re looking for a wheelchair that is ultra lightweight and aerodynamic, then our active wheelchairs section may be the first place you want to look.

Passive Wheel Chair


Passive wheelchair design makes independent mobility enjoyable, Detachable desk arms and premium swing-away leg rests provide customizable support, wheelchair seat ensures lasting comfort and is easy to clean, Durable tires feature push-to-lock functionality for safety.

Sizes:- 14″, 16″, 18″

Commode Wheel chair

S.R.Technofab Commode Wheelchair is combination of functionality and dignity to the user with in built commode facility. This wheelchair is best for physically challenged or elderly people suffering from incontinence or low bladder control unable to use toilet easily. It is beautifully crafted commode wheelchair offering great comfort and stability for users.

Commode Chair

Commode Chair is made for old aged people or with some sort of disability to help them in toilet activities. The S.R.Technofab Commode Chair has adjustable height which provides comfort to the people who have a problem in squatting because of their knee or back pains. It is also coated with a silvery powder which increases its life.

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